Health is wealth to all, We at BioCare provide you the way for good health and a nutritious life. Our global resources and talented professionals are put together in such a way to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. Our medicines are safe, healthy and affordable to the people who are in the need. We have a leading portfolio of products and medicines that support wellness and prevention, as well as treatment and cures for diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

BioCare Pharmaceutical founded in 2003 and was fully operational from 2005. The company has registered a respectful name in the health care map of Malaysia. Our commitment towards our customers are valued more than any other things. We are very Transparent to our customers in all our operations to provide them high quality healthcare products.

BioCare is headed by Mr. Saravanan who has wealth of experience for more than 22 years in this industry of Pharmaceuticals, Human Resources, Production, Distribution, Sales & Marketing at different level in the management category in various reputed companies. His able guidance has propelled us to a prominent position in this highly competitive industry. His quality driven approach inspires us to provide the clients the best products in the market.

Motivated by the latest pharmaceutical , plans are on the anvil to expand the product line and reach out to the 18 million urban and 10 million rural citizens of the country. The British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce has clocked the sector’s expected annual growth rate of 10.5 %, which inspires us to further augment our growth in key therapeutic segments such as Cardiac, Antibiotics, Diabetics, Respiratory & CNS.

Currently the BioCare Group is active in BioCare Pharmaceutical (formulations),Pharmaventures Corporation (Consumer Healthcare) Aspen Healthcare (Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy), BioCare Medical Supplies (APIs), Pharmasafe (Ophthalmic) and BioCare Manufacturing (MDI, DPI & Nasal Spray Products). Our products well priced in this highly competitive and price sensitive economy, thereby posing to be affordable while offering immense quality.

Our ability and extensive experience target and customize communications offer an exceptional engagement and meaningful results. Through our constant experience, we have a strong track record helping our clients in Pharma industries reinvigorate their health and wellness.


To achieve a global highness in the field of pharma industry with innovation, formulation, huge manpower, great marketing strategies and environmental friendly medicines to all for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Our major mission is to make every person to lead a healthy life and live longer with improved health.
  • To stand as pioneer pharma marketers that inspire loyalty, define product values and enhance customer and stakeholders’ satisfaction.
Our People

In sync with the popular tag line of Malaysia, Truly Asia, BioCare indeed is a reflection of the country’s 28 million people -a multitude of races and ethnicities, in every sense a melting pot! At BioCare our people are our greatest asset as they prove to be the backbone of all our activities with their specialized skill sets and sheer passion. Our effective and dynamic workforce covers both West and East Malaysia, with a structured sales & marketing team who is always focused and future-ready.

There is a specialist team covering the hospital, pharmacy and GP sectors for branded generics and other key products. There are also two highly trained teams with expertise in poison items and R&D of herbal base items. Adept managers from MNC backgrounds with 15 years or more of rich experience, lead from the very forefront thereby enhancing the work culture.

Our Products

Our approach is based on three cornerstone principle BRAND, RAPPORT & SUPPORT which we believe are the underlying factors that is contributing to Our Success!

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