BioCare Group is people centric where customer focus, valuing people & leading by example are key watchwords.


BioCare Group has scripted a legacy of trust and commitment with the foundation of fair business practice, since it was incorporated in 2003 in Health Care industry, with 3 branch offices in Malaysia. It has positioned itself in the Health Care industry with efficient and safe branding Health Care products. As in the past, BioCare will always focus on meeting the customer requirements. BioCare’s future looks even brighter with number of new business ventures in health care segment with dedicated team working at all levels. Thanks to our Customers, Business Principals & Associates for making this possible.

BioCare Group is one of the nation’s fast growing organization with collective success built on core management values and principles, namely Honesty, Commitment, Leadership, Ambition and Compassion. These values are reflected across the various verticals of the company and incorporated in the daily management, which is a good place to work. It’s a place where talented and energetic associates are appreciated and can have long and prosperous careers with MNC working culture.

The management culture at BioCare Group is people centric where customer focus, valuing people and leading by example are key watchwords. These are the keystones of our corporate culture and now more than ever, at the very heart of the Company’s philosophy. BioCare provide vast exposure for one to learn more about careers in sales, customer service and also the many other day-to-day operational issues. No matter what your professional interest, chances are you can explore it in a career with BioCare and share the success with others.

We want everyone in BioCare Group family – employees and clients, to have a clear line of sight between work, vision and success so that we may all grow together in the coming future and keep our flag flying high.