Biocare carries out the production of our pharmaceutical products in accordance with Malaysian GMP requirements which is accredited by PIC/S, taking into account the applicable conditions within the framework of compliance with national and international standards.

Within the scope of quality requirements, it provides service with the highest level of confidence with a customer-oriented, environmentally sensitive and human health approach.

Based on the quality management system approach, it creates a sustainable and target-based quality system with the support of the top management, commits to continuously improve this system and has it adopted by its employees.


Biocare monitors the consumption of natural resources within the framework of sustainability principles, within the scope of its environmental policy determined for the protection of the environment, with its Environmental Management System.

It commits to the public to use the appropriate technology for the protection of the environment, to raise the awareness of its employees about the protection of the environment, to prevent pollution and to continuously improve its environmental performance by complying with the laws, taking into account the needs and expectations of the relevant parties.


Biocare, with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in order to protect its employees from work accidents, occupational diseases, injuries and health deterioration, it takes the necessary measures to eliminate the dangers, to reduce the risks by ensuring the participation and consultation of the employees and / or employee representatives, and commits to continuous improvement in terms of performance.

Target-based trainings and periodic reviews on occupational health and safety constitute the basis of occupational health and safety studies. Biocare undertakes to continuously improve its occupational health and safety performance, and to periodically review the occupational health and safety policy within the framework of emerging developments.