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High conforrmability & mouldability
Radiolucent Material
Porous weave allows the skin to breath
For most orthopaedic applications in which rigid immobilization is required, including fresh and unstable fracture
Instructions for Use
Slip on stockinette up the affected part and wrap with cast padding.
Gloves must be worn while wrapping the casting tape since the resin in the tape will adhere to the skin.
Select the desired width of the cast. Open only one roll at a time, since room humidity may initiate hardening.
Immerse the role of tape in water with room temperature (20-25ー C ) for 5-10 seconds and squeeze 3-5 times.

NOTE: Squeezing the roll while it is submerged will give a setting time of approximately 3 minutes. To lengthen the setting time, immerse the roll and remove immediately without squeezing which will give a setting time of approximately 4 minutes.

Construct the cast tape by wrapping spirally. While wrapping ensure that the previous turn is overlapped by one-half to two-thirds the width of the tape.
Just three or four layers provide a strong non-weight-bearing cast and five to eight layers are typically adequate for weight-bearing cast. Additional layers are generally not necessary for strength and will reduce porosity.
After application, allow 20-30 minutes before applying loads to weight-bearing casts
For one time use only, The product cannot be reused.

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