What is 4DryField® PH?

4DryField® PH is an innovative medical device for adhesion prevention and hemostasis that can be used in a wide range of surgical indications. Due to its physical properties, 4DryField® PH absorbs many times its own mass in liquid within a few seconds.

4DryField® PH is made up of sterile hydrophilic microparticles manufactured in a complex process. 4DryField® PH contains no components whatsoever of animal or human origin. It is biocompatible, pyrogen-free, and hypoallergenic. Therefore, 4DryField® PH meets the stringent requirements for a Class III medical device. There are no known side effects up to now.
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Mode of Action
4DryField® PH Absorbs water from the blood which will lead to concentration of cellular components and platelets thus initiates coagulation cascade within seconds.

Remove excess blood from the site of bleeding. Apply 4DryField® PH directly over the bleeding area. If needed apply pressure with a gauze. Drizzle few drops of Saline to remove the gauze.

Mode of Action
As 4DryField® PH offers immediate hemostasis, there is less exudation and less fibrin formation. Hence the possibility of adhesion formation is less.
Application of 4DryField® PH over the scar tissues along with physiological saline solution forms a viscuss gel over the scar tissues. This viscuss gel will become a physical barrier between the scar tissues and prevents formation of adhesion.
The gel remain in the body for 5 to 7 days, by when mesothelial healing will happen.

In-Situ Application : Apply 4DryField® PH powder over the scar tissues in a open surgery and drizzle the powder with saline to make it into a gel.
Extra Carporeal Mix : Mix 4DryField® PH with physiological saline to make it into a gel and apply to cover large area like abdominal cavity etc.
Laparoscopic Application : Apply 4DryField® PH using 4DF Lap applicator in a Lap surgery and drizzle saline to make it into a gel.

How much to Apply
Apply 1gm over 25 square centimeters
Drizzle 8 to 14ml Physiological Saline / gm of 4DryField® PH

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4DryField® PH