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Light weight and durable shell provides maximum protection and support
Collateral air cells provide total contact fit, offers intermittent pneumatic compression which will reduce oedema and prevent callus formation
Easy to use hand bulb allows custom inflation thereby providing desired compression level and accommodates for swelling
Non-skid rocker sole helps in pressure offloading and promotes a natural gair
Generous foot base – ample room for dressings without sacrificing comfort
Hook and loop straps for easy application and removal

Foot or ankle surgery, sprained ankle
Joint / soft tissue injury
Stable ankle & foot fracture

Instructions for Use
Unfasten the straps in the front, remove front panel and open the foam liner
In a seating posture, place the foot in the foam liner and wrap it around the leg preventing the possibility of wrinkle formation
Place the front panel, back on the brace and securely fasten the hook and loop straps from bottom to top. Ensure it is snug fit and comfortable
Insert the tip of the air bulb marked “IN” into the inbuilt air valves on either sides of the brace and inflate by gently squeezing it
Begin with the valve on the medial side and then the lateral side
Do not over-inflate the air cells. Inflate until the brace is comfortable and snug fit
To deflate the air-cells insert the tip of the air bulb marked “OUT” into the valve and gently squeeze
Higher pressure gives more support while walking, lower pressure is more comfortable while sitting or reclining

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