BioCare’s reach is across the length and breadth of Malaysia, with teams stationed in key zones. The responsiveness and scope vary, owing to sociological and demographic consumption patterns in the different states, for both the rural and urban milieu. Usually 20 % of the sales are from Pharmacy and 80% sales from GP. Generic versions of the branded pharma always fare very well.

The area-wise breakdown of our activities/sales is as follows

  • Klang Valley (Central) : 40% (KL, Selangor)
  • Johor Bharu (South) : 25%
  • Penang (North) : 20%
  • Kuantan (East Coast) : 4%
  • Others : 11%

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Our approach is based on three cornerstone principle BRAND, RAPPORT & SUPPORT which we believe are the underlying factors that is contributing to Our Success!

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